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Ballymooney Foods offers a comprehensive range of high quality products. All beef, lamb & venison processed at their facility is selected by highly trained and experienced personnel; ensuring that the quality of the final produce is only the best. All beef, lamb & venison cuts are processed by a skilled team of Master butchers to meet the client’s exact requirements and specification. We only provide high quality products hand selected by a master butcher with over 30 years experience.



  • All cuts of meat are hand selected locally by a skilled master butcher in order to guarantee consistency for the most discerning customer. We take pride in what we do and we believe in only supplying high quality products.​​


  • Our Irish lamb, beef and venison are backed by the Ballymooney promise of freshness, tenderness and great taste, naturally.​


  • All Ballymooney's lamb and beef are grass-fed and raised naturally by our passionate local Irish farmers.  All of our Venison is sourced from the wild through fully licenced and trained hunters .​


  • Our climate is perfect for free-range grazing, delivering meat with distinct health and nutritional benefits. These qualities, combined with our commitment to the highest levels of food safety, make our products sought after worldwide.​

  • Our plate-to-pasture process means that the needs of our customers and consumers drive how we produce our products. As a result, we have a diverse range of quality cuts available to meet the individual needs of our customers year round.


  • ​Our focus is on establishing new standards in innovation, traceability, sustainability and best practice processing to meet the changing demands of the retail consumer.


  • We are able to offer an extensive range of chilled and frozen cuts, packaged to customers' requirements on a year round basis. Chilled products are carefully selected not only by grade, but also for meat and fat colour. This ensures a premium quality product, fit for the intended purpose, is delivered every time, upholding our reputation for excellence in customer service.

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